Neurohistory.nl is the homepage of Peter Koehler.
I am a general neurologist, until 2016 responsible for the neurology training programme, in Zuyderland Medical Centre, Heerlen, The Netherlands with special interest in neuro-oncology and headache, both subjects in which research resulted in a number of papers (see PubMed). Furthermore, I am interested in the history of neurology / neurosciences. I am editor-in-chief of the Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, past-chair of the History Section of the American Academy of Neurology, History Section Editor of Cephalalgia and member of the editorial board of European Neurology, published books among others on Neurological Eponyms and on Brown-Séquard, as well as papers on the history of neurology, in particular on the history of headache/migraine.