Hist. ess. World Neurology:

International Relationships in the Neurosciences:

1. A Dutch lecturer in the US. World Neurology 2010;25 (Aug):4
2. Foot eponyms leave their mark. World Neurology 2010;25 (Oct):4
3. An English student in Prague (1884-6) World Neurology 2010;25 (Dec):
4. Exchange in 18th century Europe – When nerves were thought to be hollow. World Neurology 2011;26 (Feb)
5. An American in Paris (and other European cities). World Neurology 2011;26 (April)
6. editor of history column World Neurology 2011: papers by Vein, Pearce, Storey and Holdorff.
7. Piecing Together Electricity’s Role in Nerve Function. World Neurology 2012;27 (February)
8. Meeting great names. Margaret Kennard’s ‘neuroperegrination’ in Europe 2012;27 (June)
9. editor of history column World Neurology 2012: papers by Goetz (Aug), Eadie (April 2012)
10. editor of history column World Neurology 2013: papers by Lanska (April 2013), Stahnisch (Aug, 2013), Gardner-Thorpe (November, 2013), Boes (November, 2013)
11. Early neurological films at medical congresses (June, 2013)
12. Expanding neurology networks. From single to multi-authored textbooks (Feb, 2014)
13. editor of history column in World Neurology 2014: papers by Holdorff, Karenberg, Pearce and Reynolds.
14. Apparently dead and coma in the 18th century (Feb, 2015)
15. editor of history column in World Neurology 2015: papers by Lanska (2) and Reynolds.
16. Early descriptions of writer’s cramp (October 2015)
17. European ‘Wanderjahr’; postgraduate training in nervous diseases for Americans in the 1880s (December 2015).
18. met Bart Lutters: Franklin and Ingenhousz on Cranial Electrotherapy (March 2016)
19. editor of history column in World Neurology 2016: papers by Mervyn Eadie (Sutherland), Gardner Thorpe (Neurology & international relations), Storey (ophthalmoscopes).
20. Medical observations by European physicians in the colonies. Philippe Fermin’s observations in 18th century Surinam (July 2016).
21. Koehler PJ. Brain stones. World Neurology 2017 (January): 6-7.
22. Koehler PJ. The Brown-Séquard Syndrome and Networks. World Neurology 2017 (March/April): 4-5.
23. Koehler PJ. Eponymous women in neurology. From the history course of the American Academy of Neurology. World Neurology 2017 (July/August): 8-9.
24. Koehler PJ. Early studies in synaesthesia. The blind organ player of Maastricht. World Neurology 2017 (November/December): 8-9.
25. Editor of history column in World Neurology 2017: papers by Mervyn Eadie (The emergence of clinical neurology in Australia) and Stahnisch (Transitioning from the Kaiser-Wilhelm- to the
Max-Planck-Society – On (Re-)Establishing Basic Neurological Research in West Germany (1948 to 2006))
26. The first International Congress of Neurology (Berne, Switzerland, 1931) (Jan/Feb 2018)
27. Neurological aspects in the work of Frederik Ruysch. Scientific exchange around 1700 (Jul/Aug 2018).
28. Editor of of history column in World Neurology 2018 (Lanska on Prusiner, 2 articles and Reynolds on 2nd World Congress of Neurology, London, 1935).
29. Dutch neuroscientists in Beijing with Rockefeller Foundation support (Jan/Feb 2019)
30. Aging through the ages (March/April 2019)
31. An early neuroscience organization – the International Brain Commission (1903-14) (May/June 2019)
32. Critical minds on the brain in the 17th century (July/August 2019)
33. Early ideas on the localization of vital functions. From cerebellum to medulla oblongata (Sept/October 2019).
34. Diseases of civilization and nervous disorder in the age of Enlightenment (June/July 2020)
35. Sylvius and “The Quack”. Collecting masterpieces at a Leyden home (December 2020)
36. Visions or auras? A case study from the High Middle Ages (February 2021)
37. Tabes dorsalis and the Romberg test; historical aspects (April 2021)

  1. Migraine in famous people; the case of Christiaan Huygens (June 2021)
  2. Rockefeller Foundation, experimental catatonia, and Herman H. de Jong (December 2021)
  3. Insulin coma therapy; inducing neurological signs by hypoglycemia (February 2022)
  4. Early endeavors to build a CT-scan. The Ukraine pioneers (April 2022)
  5. Edited Edwards Reynolds’: Todd, Faraday and the Electrical Activity of the Brain (June 2022) and Joost Haan’s Does migraine exist? (Oct 2022).
  6. Named lectures at the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) (Jan 2023)
  7. Book review essay. The Idea of Epilepsy. A Medical and Social History fo Epilepsy in the Modern Era (1860-2020) by Simon D. Shorvon. (March 2023).
  8. Deep brain stimulation for psychiatric índications preceded movement disorders; a historical sketch (May 2023).
  9. The study of brain movements (December 2023).
  10. On ship’s surgeons and cranial injury; Abraham Titsingh (1684-1776) (April 2024).
  11. From animal spirits to brain-computer interface. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first human EEG recording (June 2024).
  12. Nicolaes Tulp, the “renowned painter” and “his silly imagination”. Was it Rembrandt? (August 2024)


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