Hist. ess. World Neurology:

International Relationships in the Neurosciences:


  1. A Dutch lecturer in the US. World Neurology 2010;25 (Aug):4
  2. Foot eponyms leave their mark. World Neurology 2010;25 (Oct):4
  3. An English student in Prague (1884-6) World Neurology 2010;25 (Dec):
  4. Exchange in 18th century Europe – When nerves were thought to be hollow. World Neurology 2011;26 (Feb)
  5. An American in Paris (and other European cities). World Neurology 2011;26 (April)
  6. editor of history column World Neurology 2011: papers by Vein, Pearce, Storey and Holdorff.
  7. Piecing Together Electricity’s Role in Nerve Function. World Neurology 2012;27 (February)
  8. Meeting great names. Margaret Kennard’s ‘neuroperegrination’ in Europe 2012;27 (June)
  9. editor of history column World Neurology 2012: papers by Goetz (Aug), Eadie (April 2012)
  10. editor of history column World Neurology 2013: paper by Lanska (April 2013), Stahnisch (Aug, 2013) and Gardner-Thorpe (October, 2013)
  11. Early neurological films at medical congresses (June, 2013)
  12. Expanding neurology networks. From single to multi-authored textbooks (Feb, 2014)
  13. editor of history column in World Neurology 2014: papers by Holdorff, Karenberg, Pearce and Reynolds.
  14. Apparently dead and coma in the 18th century (Feb, 2015)
  15. editor of history column in World Neurology 2015: papers by Lanska (2) and Reynolds.
  16. Early descriptions of writer’s cramp (October 2015)
  17. European ‘Wanderjahr’; postgraduate training in nervous diseases for Americans in the 1880s (December 2015).
  18. met Bart Lutters: Franklin and Ingenhousz on Cranial Electrotherapy (March 2016)
  19. editor of history column in World Neurology 2016: papers by Mervyn Eadie (Sutherland), Gardner Thorpe (Neurology & international relations), Storey (ophthalmoscopes).
  20. Medical observations by European physicians in the colonies. Philippe Fermin’s observations in 18th century Surinam (July 2016).
  21. Brain stones (January 2017)
  22. Brown-Séquard (1817-1894) and networks; at the bicentennial of his birth (April 2017)
  23. Eponymous Women in Neurology (Aug 2017)
  24. The first International Congress of Neurology (Berne, Switzerland, 1931)

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