Promotion activities:


Co-promotor for drs. D. Haane: Clusterheadache and oxygen. (promotor prof. dr. M. Ferrari)


Promotion committees:

–          Mulleners (2000, University of Maastricht; 4 papers as 2nd or last author)

–          Van Vliet (2004, University of Leiden, referent)

–          Scholtissen (2005, University of Maastricht)

–          Aerden (2006, University of Maastricht)

–          Munts (2011, University of Leiden; 1 paper in Brain as 2nd/last author)

–          Knippenberg (2013), University of Maastricht

–          Kubben (2014, Intraoperative MR, University of Maastricht)

–          Pouw (2014, Spinal cord injury: Determination of severity and spinal cord syndromes; University of Nijmegen)