ISHN Monthly Zoom Meeting

In December 16th, 2020 we started a monthly Zoom meeting with one presentation, followed by Q & A.

ISHN-members will receive invitations via the ISHN listserv. Guests are welcome with an introduction of an ISHN member (and sending a message to

Persons who missed the presentation and would like to see it may send an email to to receive the recording.


Information on past seminars can be found here ISHN

Recent seminars:

Feb 15th 2023: Stephen Reich: A History of Parkinson’s Disease

March 15th 2023: Bill Schneider: From Rockefeller to NIH funding of medical research: with examples from neuropsychiatry

April 19th 2023: Diederik Janssen: But a ‘iape or trufle’. Gender in the History of Neurology

May 17th 2023: Richard Leblanc: The Ghost in the Machine– Wilder Penfield and John C Eccles on Mind and Brain

Future seminars:

Sept 20th 2023: Simon Shorvon: The changing concept of epilepsy over the last 150 years

Oct 18th 2023: Jan van Gijn: Hurdles in the history of stroke

Nov 15th 2023: Florian Schmaltz: Scientology, the Max Planck Society and the Legacies of Brain Research on Nazi “Euthanasia” Victims

Dec  20th 2023: Axel Hüntelmann, Uwe Kaminsky, Philipp Rauh, and Max Buschmann: Specimens from victims of Nazi ‘euthanasia’: The role of the Kaiser Wilhelm-/Max Planck-Institutes for Brain Research and of Psychiatry