ISHN Monthly Zoom Meeting

In December 16th, 2020 we started a monthly Zoom meeting with one presentation, followed by Q & A.

ISHN-members will receive invitations via the ISHN listserv. Guests are welcome with an introduction of an ISHN member (and sending a message to

Persons who missed the presentation and would like to see it may send an email to to receive the recording.


Information on past seminars can be found here ISHN

Recent seminars:

Jan 17th 2024: Céline Cherici: Vincenzo Malacarne (1744-1816): A cerebellar localization of the faculties, between materialist imagination and clinical observations

Feb 21st 2024: Ian Bone: The advent of epilepsy directed neurosurgery: The early pioneers and who was first

March 20th 2024: Cate Storey: Royle’s sympathectomy for spastic paralysis: Sorry saga or scientific awakening?

May 15th 2024: Alison Christy: Black Pioneers of Neurology in the United States


Future seminars:

September 18th 2024: Andrew Larner: The trial of David Ferrier, November 1881: Context, proceedings, and aftermath

October 16th 2024: Lydia van der Sman: Suppression of epileptic seizures through/by sensory stimulation: a historical overview and assessment

November 20th: Cornelius Borck: The reception of the EEG; on the occasion the 100th anniversary of its discovery by Hans Berger

December 18th:  Natasha Ruiz-Gomez: Pathology and Visual Culture. The Scientific Artworks of Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot and the Salpêtrière School